How to find a good tattoo removal place?


Hi, like question says, trying to find a good tattoo removal place in the UK.

I’ve got a 3/4 sleeve with A LOT of colour in it. so I know I’ll have to have quite a few sessions. I don’t want to make the mistake I made with my sleeve and get it done at a place where the person just wants my money.

How can I go about finding a really good place? All the before and after pictures I see on studio websites are clearly carefully selected pictures of old really faded tattoos that are already barely apparent.
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Black & grey ink on fair to medium untanned skin removes well with laser. Color is more challenging but it can be done.

You will need to find a place with 5 or more years of experience & can show good before & after photos of ACTUAL clients they have worked on. It would be ideal if they have more then 1 laser to do the job.

Most people start with a Google search for the city they live in & research health care providers. Some hospitals also provide the service.

Best of luck to you–there are no shortcuts with tattoo removal–go with the best person you can afford.

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